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Things Evolved

Things used to be merely things. A watch was a watch; a house was a house. Fleet trucks were just fleet trucks. But things evolved.

They became smarter, better, more efficient. They changed the way business is done, the way processes work. They began to tell us things. They began to tell each other things. We marched forward into an inevitable future where everything was a stronger, better form of itself. Where the headaches of supply chain and logistics and manufacturing were replaced with the power of things – communicating and optimizing and finding a better way. Through IoT, they became more than things; they became Things Evolved.

With our new eVolve IoT offering, Arrow Electronics is committed to guiding businesses and people to their future, better selves.

The eVolve Offering

Things Evolved is our perspective on the possibilities and future of IoT. Arrow eVolve is our Offering. It’s the way we connect customers to those possibilities.

Our Blueprint

Evolution is a process; a series of sequential steps. Crucially, Arrow has access to the technology behind every one of those steps. Our Blueprint is a complete and total realization of IoT.

Design includes digital design tools, hardware and connectivity components
Operate includes infrastructure platforms – public, private and hybrid cloud
Optimize includes apps, analytics, middleware and big data
Recover includes value recovery, break/fix, repair, warranty and disposition

Our Tools

Evolution is predicated upon connection and adaptation – not just between machines and machines, but people and machines as well. Our Tools make that easy.

Arrow Connect™ is our M2M tool. It bridges any device to any platform.
Arrow Insight™ is our M2P tool. It introduces human oversight, allowing customers to monitor, maintain and improve all of their connected technologies.

Our Expertise

Every eVolve project is backed by the full heft of Arrow’s global resources and experience. From idea to impact, opportunity to execution, our industry-leading experts will be there to support customers every step of the way.

· Advisory services include Business Model Scoping, Hardware/Software Enablement & Integration, Connectivity, Supply Chain & Logistics, Global Sourcing and Certifications

· Enablement services include Applications Development, Design for Manufacturing, Systems & Device Management/Integration, Financing and Compliance

· Management services include Data Infrastructure, DataFlow Security, Bills of Material, Application Utilization, Ongoing Operations and Product End of Life Services

· Support services include Supply Chain & Product Lifecycle Management, Turnkey Manufacturing, Product Deployment, End User Financing, Hardware Return Authorizations

· Learning services include Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Monetization and Operational Workflow