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Well-developed technology delivers powerful results. Coderus, works to ensure the solutions they develop are fit for the long-term – designed to perfectly align with their clients’ brands, and offer the ultimate user experience.

Obsessed with quality and high standards, they are constantly working to ensure the continued compliance of their Integrated Management System. By having the ISO 9001 & 27001 certifications under their belt, they strive to ensure that their products and services consistently meet your requirements and protect your brand.

Whether working with mobile, on iOS and Android devices, or for embedded technologies, with Coderus there are no barriers to software development. A high quality, secure experience comes as standard and they make it their business to understand supporting technologies, using them creatively for a fully optimised future.

Coderus are passionate about results that meet their clients’ expectations. And their certifications prove that; they are an Authorized Design Center for Qualcomm Technologies International Ltd, as they provide an integrate design service, from prototype to production. They are also delighted to be Microchip’s App Developer Specialist and a Cypress Design Partner, as they have worked with them providing embedded solutions.



Delivering end to end solutions across the consumer, business and enterprise sectors, Coderus’ experts in mobile app development help businesses to connect and engage with customers across the globe. They excel at designing a wide range of app solutions that deliver true benefits and exceed expectations, developed on the full range of mobile platforms.

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Specialising in designing real-time embedded software solutions, developed using some of the most innovative silicon designs, Coderus turn great ideas into market leading, connected products. they understand the challenges of compact coding, efficiency, low power and high performance for devices in many rapidly developing markets.

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Coderus are a well-honed team of software developers, test engineers and marketers with a passion for results.

Based in Ipswich and Cambridge, they work with clients in many different sectors and around the world.

They take on the most dynamic graduate talent, extending their learning into new and exciting opportunities while adding their fresh ideas to Coderus’ own experience. Allowing Coderus to remain agile and ahead of the curve.