Gold Sponsor – Pycom

Pylife – bringing consumers to TTN

A digital dashboard for every-day life that enables people to connect everyone and everything they care about to one central point.

Pycom is addressing consumers’ ‘connected living’ needs with an open ecosystem approach that will give developers a new and even faster way of getting IoT applications completed and ready for market. Pylife comprises a new thoughtfully designed ‘one size fits all’ portfolio of wearables and a mobile app that enables connection to 5 different networks. The Things Network is one of those.

Pylife is live on Kickstarter from 09 October 2018.

About Pycom

Pycom is an Internet of Things technology company with a vision to give all connected ideas an opportunity to succeed.

The company has pioneered an innovative IoT platform which is a unique suite of hardware and software products that connect developers, enterprises and consumers, creating an ecosystem between connectable things that removes barriers and reduces time to market.

Since its launch in 2015, Pycom has attracted more than 29K customers in 83 countries and has added a community of more than 250K developers to its global community. With the addition of Pylife, the first digital dashboard for a truly connected life, and PyGo, a stylish multi-use wearable device that utilizes mesh technology to stay connected, Pycom is bringing elegant IoT solutions to consumers and developers alike.