Keynote Speaker - Alex Gluhak of Digital Catapult
Alex Gluhak Head of Technology and IoT Lead of Digital Catapult

Alex Gluhak


Keynote: Things Connected: Transforming the UK with LWPAN

About three years ago, the UK lacked any considerable LPWAN coverage and had only a hand full of companies thinking about LPWAN technologies as a serious business opportunity. It was falling behind trail blazing countries in Europe and Asia in terms of LWPAN adoption and entrepreneurship.

In this emerging vacuum the Things Connected vision was born as a national LPWAN innovation programme to help the UK companies and entrepreneurs gain early access to a rapidly emerging IoT connectivity technology.

In November 2015, they lit up their first LoRaWAN gateway on their roof and since have been enabling LPWAN coverage across London and different regions of the UK. Their recent merger with The Things Network represents now the UK’s largest LoRaWAN network. They have engaged and helped over 100 businesses to take their first steps on their LPWAN journey.

In this talk Alex will take a look at the LPWAN developments on the UK market over the recent years and share some of the initial achievements of Things Connected driving LPWAN innovation and adoption in the UK. He will also provide a preview of their latest attempt in going beyond sharing of LPWAN gateways to enable a market place for IoT data collected from IoT devices.


About Alex

Alex Gluhak is Head of Technology for IoT at the Digital Catapult, where he is responsible for interventions to help UK companies grow faster using emerging digital technologies. For more than 15 years Alex has actively contributed to the research of mobile computing and IoT technologies and how they can be applied to problems in the energy, water and smart city domain. He has worked for companies such as Intel Labs and Ericsson and has published more than 80 peer-reviewed papers at International conferences and journals about his work.

Alex co-leads Things Connected an innovation support programme to drive the adoption of Low Power Wide Area Networks in the UK. He also runs one of the world’s largest LPWAN meetup communities with more than 700 members in London.