Andrew Beattie CTO of Sensorstream

Andrew Beattie


Talk: Using the Things Network for the management of older buildings - A use case

Unlike modern stock, older buildings often fall behind as far as the utilisation of new technology is concerned. Many landlords undertake a certain amount of retrofitting such as zonal heating or movement detection systems but these are ad hoc and inchoate, with no ability to monitor how effectively these systems are working either singly or together.

The internet of things and the analysis of data derived from sensors can give landlords, building management and tenants insight into the performance of buildings, enabling adaptations that can be economically and environmentally beneficial, whilst also creating opportunities for behaviour change within those buildings. LoRaWAN and the Things Manchester network coupled with sensors and analytics supplied by Sensorstream were an ideal solution to providing insight and potential costs savings.

Andrew will be giving this talk together with Julian Tait of Open Data Manchester.


About Andrew

Andrew Beattie is the CTO of Sensorstream, a UK-based company that are doing groundbreaking work in the deployment of IoT networks that represent the next major wave of computing innovation.

For more than 30 years, Beattie has been at the forefront of IT implementations that are milestones, including the first large-scale deployment of Internet infrastructure in the 1990s and a long list of first-of-their-kind IT implementations in the financial, defence, telecom, retail, and technology industries. He has worked with many of the largest corporations and governmental organisations in the world, not only leading large-scale IT projects but also defining multi-year IT strategies that become the foundation for growth.

As the CTO of Sensorstream, Beattie is at the forefront of yet another major shift in IT as small, low-power wireless sensors and controls make it possible to put the power of computing in nearly any physical space and geographic location.