Andrew Proctor Leader of Norfolk County Council

Andrew Proctor


Keynote: “Innovation” not a word people would normally associate with local government

The Internet of Things, provides new opportunities for the Council to explore alternative ways of delivering services and achieving outcomes for the people of Norfolk.

  • Tackle dementia by alerting someone if a person’s normal activities have not happened.
  • Notify a trusted friend or neighbour if someone has fallen or is taken ill.
  • Tackle loneliness and isolation by bringing people together.


Andrew is giving this talk together with Tom Fitzpatrick.


About Andrew

Andrew has been Leader of Norfolk County Council since June 2018. He was previously Leader of Broadland District Council 2011-2018 and Deputy Leader for 8 years prior to that.

Andrew is an LGA Member Peer with considerable experience in corporate peer challenges and specific areas such as planning. He is Chairman of Broadland Property Services delivering a multi-award winning Passivhus scheme.

His key areas of expertise are in finance, planning and wider commercial activities.