Bart Hiddink CEO, Ideetron BV

Bart Hiddink


Workshop: Ultra-Low Power Circuit Design

This workshop talks about hands-on low level Embedded engineering. It revolves around the problem of powering and running ultra-low power devices. It teaches you to respect batteries and how to test if they are up for the job. After attending you will have the confidence in designing your own Ultra-low power device. You will learn what to do and what to avoid.

What users will need to participate in the workshop

A bit of time (30-40 minutes) and a listening ear.

What level of knowledge / experience is required for the workshop

Basic Electronics.


About Bart

Bart is a passionate electronics designer with a soft spot for RF technology. Recognising the potential of LoRa, he went on designing the first LoRa products back in 2014. Bart has his roots in servicing and repair of electronics from the tube era, right into the transistors and IC’s of now. Counting 40+ years of getting the most out of the electronics experience he has developed himself as an all-round electronics designer.

Bart owns and runs his electronics design company Ideetron b.v. where he and many more engineers think up all sorts of new and exiting electronic devices for lots of happy customers.

Specialist in wireless telecommunication, analog design, digital desing and power electronics.

Bart is author of ‘Draadloze communicatietechnologie’, ISBN: 9789053812037

Circuit design; analog/digital/power/mixed
CADSTAR PCB design expert
Product designer/developer
EMC expert
VHDL expert
Over voltage protection (TVS/VDR/GDT)
Embedded microcontroller systems
PIC microcontroller
Expert RF proprietary protocol stack designer
RF designer for UHF and SHF.
Senior design engineer for RF systems.
Embedded RF antenna calculation and design; 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 2.4 GHz
30V, 500 Amp FET current source