Campbell Elder Business Development Manager EMEA at Multi-Tech Systems

Campbell Elder


Talk: Advanced Lower Power Connectivity Using LoRaWAN

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is moving at an ever increasing pace.

Understanding the reality versus the hype associated to LoRaWAN and Cellular LPWA technologies is a major facet prior to building out any product development plan.

This session looks at the key benefits of license free compared to licensed technologies and is intended to help guide your decision making thinking.


About Campbell

Campbell is both a family man as father to too many including foster children and grand father to one, and a technical hearted engineer with a love for messing with ‘any thing petrol based’.

His career started in the royal Navy, and following his time studying for his communications degree Joined MultiTech in the late 90s and is still with the company.

He has supported analogue and digital technologies and now the IoT flavours for licensed and un licensed technologies. He is being called on to consult around the EMEA region and assist in connectivity requirements around the globe; specialising in LoRaWAN connectivity and the up and coming Narrow band cellular solutions.