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David Mee

David Mee


Workshop: Prototype to Production with The Things Network and Node-red

TTN tantalisingly offers, for the first time, a platform- and vendor-neutral means to build IoT – from Smart Cities to Smart Homes – without having to negotiate a minefield of middleware and hardware. This session will look at building layers handling the last hop of the IoT stack – building application layers providing intelligence and data processing for sensors, devices and hardware connecting to The Things Network.

Using IBM’s Node-red, this session will look at techniques to rapidly realise prototypes at the software level, and ways to refine this into production-ready systems, from Raspberry Pi devices to scalable cloud-based systems and means to feed output into other publishing and brokerage systems.

What users will need to participate in the workshop

Bring your laptop.

What level of knowledge / experience is required for the workshop

This workshop would benefit from some terminal, JavaScript and Unix experience, but will not be a requisite.


About David

Interactive Digital, Social and Physical Computing platform designer. Previous projects have included massive RFID social networking projects with bTWEEN and Perplexcity, game design with Sony and Sega, and web platforms for Eidos and ITV.

Currently running TANDOT providing aforementioned services to the creative sector, as well as the Manchester Digital Laboratory, a not-for-profit digital ‘youth club for adults’ / hackspace in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Recent work here has lead to the launch of the Omniversity of Manchester, which I also teach Physical Computing at (as well as a number of other universities and educational institutions around the UK).

Specialties: Physical Computing, Smart devices, Interaction Design, Rapid Prototying, Internet of Things, Near-future Technology, Consultation, Design, Implementation, Training, Faciliation

Co-initiator of thingsmanchester.org.uk and thingsnorth.org.uk. Founder madlab.org.uk. Critical technologist