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Mark Stanley


Talk: Digital playground on the farm – building support for rural deployment of LoRaWAN

In this talk Mark will tell the story of how a small group of people with very little budget built community and local government interest in LoRaWAN, created a digital playground on an agricultural college and surrounding estate in rural North Wales, and won the case for region-wide coverage of The Things Network which is being deployed by the local authority.

You’ll hear about some unusual but valuable rural use cases, and get a sneak preview of the dashboard and alerting system we developed to support the digital playground.


About Mark

Mark Stanley is an advocate for community led IoT innovation, and wants to give residents and businesses an active role in developing the smart city agenda where they live and work. Through his business Thingitude, Mark has delivered community projects and run workshops for small groups and large businesses across the UK.

He is co-founder of The Things Network Reading, a community-owned LoRaWAN network used by the council, makers, artists, students and businesses for Internet of Things projects such as monitoring plant health and measuring the temperature on buses.

Mark is a consultant to Digital Catapult where he designs and delivers LPWAN innovation programmes for SMEs working in LPWAN technology, and has been instrumental in sharing its LoRaWAN network with The Things Network.