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Talk: Storing Your The Things Network Data

This talk is for anyone new to The Things Network (TTN) that may have a sensor node (or want to deploy one) talking to a gateway and want to know the next step, or for entrepreneurs who need to understand what the TTN platform provides and its limitations with regards to storing of data.

This is a live demo using a server that is active and prepped in a Paris-based datacentre ( So, more of a show-and-tell with discussion. Note that the code will be put up on github for download after the event and emailed to attendees.

This talk is an overview of data forwarding by The Things Network from node to application, and the use of MQTT broker to then subscribe to this data.

Nic will show how to configure a secure MQTT subscriber to store this data in a Mongo database, using an example written in Node.js.

Nic will show example code as he goes.


Workshop: Using Arm Mbed CLI to develop LoRaWAN on STMicro Nucleo

The world runs on Arm Core processors. Arm recently made available an Mbed framework to make it simple to build solutions on your desktop.

How simple? – we will run through installation, editing, build and delivery of a working LoRaWAN node in 45minutes!

This workshop is suitable for an intermediate user who is used to running command-line apps and has an understanding of C language development.

Attendees for the workshop should bring a laptop running Windows 10 or Mac High Sierra with Mbed CLI installed using the instructions found here:

Alternatively, to work in a linux environment, install mbed-cli using these instructions:

Additional setup & configuration will be covered in the workshop.


About Nic

Nic is a techy geek with a passion to understand and implement the latest technology.

Currently a consultant developing remote monitoring & telemetry marine products with a combination of sensors, LPWAN, GSM, GPS and cloud platform – for more information:

40 years in IT, initially as a development engineer working with paper tape & Telex to most recently developing & delivering solutions for the global management & security of mobile devices