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Patrick Fenner

Patrick Fenner


Talk: The Future Is LoRaWAN

Hear how LoRa is solving problems in social isolation with a pilot “push to talk” project running in Liverpool and the future of 5G and how these technologies working together can create an even more connected and smarter future.


Workshop: Build Your Own Temperature Sensor Using LoRaWAN

This workshop will demonstrate how to build a LoRa node.

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About Patrick

Patrick is an experienced Design Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the mechanical or industrial engineering industry. Skilled in Proof of Concept, Internet of Things, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, and Rapid Prototyping. Strong engineering professional with a Master of Philosophy – MPhil focused in Design of Engineering Wing Skin Structures from Loughborough University.

Patrick works at DefProc (Deferred Procrastination) Engineering, which specialises in product development, small scale manufacturing and technical advice. They offer skilled support for design, proof of concept, prototyping, and producing a scale-able product. They are able to help at any stage of the project and can offer skills in structural, stress & strain engineering analysis, using rapid prototyping techniques, prototyping, low volume manufacturing and Arduino microcontroller, including internet connected (IoT) devices.

They are also involved in working with emerging technology such as LoRaWAN ( (Long Range Wide Area Network) and MBIoT and developing devices that will allow these to become more widely available and adaptable to individuals and businesses needs.

Our aim is to help individuals, educators and businesses develop their ideas whatever they might be and we always look forward to the challenge.