Speaker - Paul Foster
Paul Foster Senior software engineer, Microsoft

Paul Foster


Talk: Building Intelligence At The Edge: Smart LoRaWAN Devices

Microcontroller performance continues to improve on a Moore’s Law trajectory. Coupled with specialist processing units, advanced analytical processing tasks can be completed at the edge, enabling large sensor data volumes to be reduced to small meta-data indicators. This hardware combination enables smart sensor devices suitable for the small bandwidth and long range of LoRaWAN.

This session will discuss smart LoRaWAN devices, using readily available microprocessor solutions, to execute signal processing and advanced machine learning techniques to deliver 21st century sensor solutions for the monitoring of homes, streets and buildings addressing societal and facilities management needs.


About Paul

Since joining Microsoft in 1994, Paul Foster has worked across a wide range of sectors and customers, providing a mix of technical and strategic guidance around the creative use of technology in relation to their business needs.

Paul is currently a senior software engineer at Microsoft. Paul is currently focusing on the building of next generation sensor webs which automate the gathering of data from disparate sources, and how to enable the creative analysis of this data to start a new era of perception.

He is the initiator of The Things Network Norfolk community group. For a short-time Paul was a member of a high-wire flying trapeze circus troupe, is a keen roboticist and an international marathon runner.