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Sharon Jones


Talk: How the Things Connected Bournemouth programme is building interest, knowledge and expertise in IoT

Bournemouth has been privileged to be one of three locations in 2018 for the expansion of the Digital Catapult initiative to support UK businesses using LPWAN technologies.

Through innovation workshops for start-ups and small businesses, access to industry mentors, commercial and academic expertise and enthusiastic challenge holders as well as the free-to-use network for experimenting and prototyping, there has been a growth in awareness of Internet of Things.

This talk will explore how interest has grown and the impact so far of the development programme, with thoughts for the future.


About Sharon

Named as one of the Telegraph’s Top 50 Women in Engineering (Returners and Transferrers) in 2018, I am passionate about using 3D printing to solve problems.

With a background in primary education, I have rapidly developed an understanding of how digital fabrication can be used to inspire and engage with immediate results. My role involves supporting businesses in developing proof of concept and early stage prototypes, and I use these innovations to add context to possibilities in developing technologies such as IoT. The Eagle Lab is a hub for IoT development, working closely with participants in the Things Connected Bournemouth programme, connecting challenge owners and Industry 4.0 start-ups and scale-ups seeking to engineer solutions, In my spare time, I volunteer as an engineer for Remap, often making use of 3D printing to customise equipment for a particular need.