Weinke Giezeman - keynote speaker
Wienke Giezeman Co-Founder of The Things Network

Wienke Giezeman


Keynote: The promise of LoRaWAN, the journey of The Things Network and the future of the Market

Wienke will share the journey of The Things Network. From covering the city of Amsterdam in 2015 to today’s scalable, multi-region deployment which routes over 6 Million messages a day.

He’ll share his vision of the future of LoRaWAN and sheds light on how to develop with LoRaWAN. From an initial prototype to a secure and large-scale deployment using The Things Industries’ services.

About Wienke

Wienke is the co-founder of The Things Network and is on a mission to build a global collaborative LoRaWAN data network.